1How long have you been in construction?
Skylar Group Ltd. has been in construction for over 32 years. Skylar Group Ltd. is an accelerated business member of the Better Business Bureau.
2How long will it take to replace the roof?
Most roofs can be replaced in one or two days.
3Do I need to be home when the roof is being replaced?
It is not necessary to be home when the roof is being installed, but please ensure that outside hydro is working.
4Will there be a bin or trailer in my driveway?
Yes. Do we have your permission?
5Where will you be putting the material?
Most of the material will be delivered on your roof.
6Can we put the new shingles on over the old ones?
We do not recommend installing more than one layer as your roof will deteriorate prematurely.
7Do you remove the old shingles?
Yes. We do a complete and thorough clean up and disposal of all debris.
8Do you use asphalt or fibreglass shingles?
We use fibreglass shingles. All the manufacturers have changed to a fibreglass core shingle and they are superior in many ways to the organic or asphalt based shingles.
9What shingle is the best?
We at Skylar Group Ltd. prefer IKO manufacturer as they are one of the best products on the market. They are also great to deal with for warranty purposes.
10Do you install skylights?
Yes. We have been installing Velux and Columbia skylights for over 25 years.
11Should I have an underlayment for my shingles?
Yes. We recommend a row of ice and water shield 3" up from the bottom eaves to prevent ice damming, with an underlayment installment on the entire roof deck, and a minimum of #15 tar paper.
12Do you clean the eaves-troughs?
Yes. The eaves-troughs and the entire work are are cleaned of all debris.
13What about a steel roof?
You will get what you pay for with steel roofing. It has its pros and cons. Please ask your sales rep to list these for you. A good quality steel roof will cost 3 to 4 times that of a shingle roof and can last a life time. If the price is less than 3 times, it is low quality steel roof and it will not last very long.
14Do you have insurance?
Skylar Group Ltd. is fully insured by Royal Sun & Alliance and carries a $2,000,000 liability policy. Workers are covered for injury with the WSIB. Copies of the policies can be presented upon request.